Safety Rails

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You know that awkward parental stage when your baby started climbing out of his or her full-size crib? Yep - we have all been there. It's TERRIFYING! Perhaps it's time to transition to a set of safety rails on a bed?

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  • 56" in length
  • Doesn't get in the way of making the bed!
  • Helps to prevent children from falling out of bed

Safety rails are a god-send for us parents... and also for our children who think they are WAY cool to have transitioned from their cribs to a big person bed! If you're in doubt about whether baby is really ready to go to the next developmental stage in a 'big boy/girl' bed - you can always take the mattress off the bed, put it on the floor and STILL use the safety rails! 

** PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR HOTEL/VILLA ABOUT THE HEIGHT OF THE MATTRESSES. Recently our metal safety rails haven't been tall enough to be functional. Email us at if you need our assistance with this matter. In the event that these safety rails won't work for your vacation, please check out our foam rails instead.