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rent baby gear Cabo

Renting a boppy is a must for a new Mom. If I could have surgically attached my boppy to my waist when my kids were newborns, I would have done it! It just made breastfeeding so much more comfortable!

  • Can be used while feeding, lounging, exercising, and sitting
  • Encourages an ergonomically correct posture for Moms
  • Makes tummy time feel a whole lot more comfortable
  • Boppy covers washed with Dreft

New Moms, don't get your back out of whack during your vacation! Boppy's are one of those items that perhaps you think you can do without when you're packing. I've been there... flying off to a travel destination and instantly wishing I had packed it. Rent a boppy today so you don't experience packing regrets! Perhaps you want to add a swing to your order too - babies, boppy and swings. The perfect combo!

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