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rent baby gear San Jose del Cabo

Bumbo's are cool because it's the first time your beautiful baby sits up properly. They are like a sign of independence, that baby is officially out of the newborn stage and into the next phase of growth. I remember being very amused to see my baby Wyatt happily sitting upright in a seat all of his own!

  • Made of easy-to-clean, non-toxic material
  • Soft, comfortable, lightweight, and portable
  • Multi-purpose for your vacation
  • Light-weight so easy to transport

A little-known fact is that a bumbo makes a great seat for bath-time. Rent a boppy today and try baby out in his or her's first upright seat. You could also bring your boppy to a restaurant so baby can see everyone around the table! Combine it with a custom toy box, and you're sure to have a happy baby for the duration of your Mexico vacation.

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