Full-Size Wooden Crib

Type: Sleep

rent a crib Cabo

Make sure your baby sleeps like a baby on vacation with our comfortable full-size cribs. Delivered to your hotel or villa, our plush cribs come complete so baby can settle into your vacation as if he or she were at home.

Item May Vary From Image Shown

  • 28" X 52" Full-Size Crib
  • Mattress Included
  • Bedding Included (Fitted Waterproof Pad + Fitted Sheet + Blanket)
  • Bumpers Available On Request At No Additional Charge

Our full-size cribs are far and away our number one most rented items. Families simply can't get enough of them, because they provide instant comfort for baby and plenty of space for them to stretch out and enjoy their siestas. #BBGBabyHack would be to add a custom toy box to your full-size crib rental, so baby can sleep and play around the clock!