The Best Cabo Beach Club - Sur Beach House

The Best Cabo Beach Club - Sur Beach House

The Best Cabo Beach Club - Sur Beach House

What To Do In Cabo When You Want To Take Your Family To The Beach

Cabo beach clubI live in Cabo San Lucas with two small children: our son is six years old and our daughter is three years old. It's true there's no shortage of Cabo beaches that we can visit to spend a family day together. However, a lot of the beaches in Cabo San Lucas are not equipped for babies. As we all know, babies can only stand a minimal amount of sun exposure and many doctors out there recommend that babies don't have any exposure to direct sunlight for any length of time.    

With all the traveling families that come to Mexico annually, the first thing everybody wants to do is hit the beach. Life changes drastically when a new baby is on board and I'm writing this blog today because I want to tell you all about an amazing beach club that recently opened in Cabo San Lucas that caters for a family day at the beach.

Before We Had The Best Cabo Beach Club Ever!


Up until now, we have gone to Chileno Bay for a beach day with the family. That involvesChileno Bay us packing the children in the car and heading to the beach.  We have to schlep half of our house with us: we need shades, so we bring the umbrella, we need a table, we need chairs, we need something to put the baby in like a pea pod, we need toys, we need everything. It's not easy to carry all that and two children down from the carpark in Chileno Bay to the beachfront. Yes, there’s a public toilet at Chileno – but it’s not equipped to cater to a diaper change! And of course once there, we typically only last for 45 to 90 minutes at a max.

Aren't There Other Cabo Beach Clubs?

I can't tell you the number of times friends and family have asked us, "We want to go hang out on the beach. Where can we go?" There are plenty of beach club options - but the majority of them are tied to a resort, so they aren't public. Then you have Nikki Beach Club - which is designed for day-time party goers - it's just not that family friendly.    

And of course, there is Mango Deck. But honestly, Mango Deck is not appropriate for half of the people coming to Cabo. It's great if you're here for spring break, if you're 21 and if you like to drink booze all day long until it's coming out of your ears. But there's nowhere else to go on Medano Beach (unless it's part of a hotel) that has loungers, food and beverage service and a comfortable ocean setting to enjoy the sunset or sunrise.  

Cabo beach club   

Problem Solved, My Friends!

Now, we have been blessed with SUR Beach House, which opened late 2016 by the Bahia Hotel. This wonderful establishment is an extension of the Bahia Hotel & Bar Equina, developed by Meredith & Lee Vosburgh. The beach club is located right in the middle of Medano Beach, Cabo's favorite beach. SUR Beach House is a godsend for not just families but for anybody traveling to Cabo. Since we have frequented SUR, we have seen business meetings, friendly reunions, romantic dinners, family outings and girl get-togethers go down! And no-one is out of place - everyone is welcome. 

Warm Service With A Smile

The first time we went to SUR Beach House, my family and I were greeted by valet service. The valets were extremely professional, kindly assisted us with our kids and bags, gave us a valet ticket and went off to park our car. Then we were greeted by the staff who were waiting at the entrance to welcome us into, honestly, the most breathtaking view in Cabo San Lucas.

Bar, Lounge, Restaurant Areas - All Perfectly Placed

Cabo beach club

The restaurant is furnished beautifully. Modern wood tables and chairs everywhere, with a white, clean background. The bar area is stunning. A lounge area is on your immediate right as you enter with a big flat screen television in case there's a sporting event on. Sur Beach House is designed to be outdoors but this area has total coverage.

They have different levels to the beach club. The first part is the bar and lounge with huge ceiling fans. It feels like there's air conditioning going on in there. You can eat and drink there. Or you can go down to the deck, which is a dining area to have breakfast, lunch, and now dinner as well. There's also attentive waiter service and beautiful, big, family-sized tables. Finally, and most importantly, they have an incredible beachfront lounging area.


We Never Leave

Cabo beach clubWe went there last week and as the photos show here on this blog, we had an absolute whale of a time. There are beach attendants who will clean your sunglasses. There were foot massages going on. Food & drinks were being brought out to us on the beach. Sur Beach House is cordoned off so it felt very private, away from the beach vendors. We were maybe 20 steps away from the water.   There were umbrellas to shade us and the children. Towels were provided. They even have buckets and spades for the children to play with. It was awesome! 

We literally were able to rock up at 1 o'clock in the afternoon and we stayed there until sunset, at which time the beach club cleans away the loungers and the staff set up a bonfire for the night time. This place is incredible.

Cabo beach club

And Then There's The Food

The menu is varied and has the best of what Cabo has to offer in terms of fresh seafood, sushi, oysters, salads, tacos. Their breakfasts are perfect for the kids - and when I tell you that the staff will go out of their way to ensure you are satisfied - I mean it! My beautiful, but picky kids have always cleaned their plates on each visit - which really speaks to the food! 

You Must Go To SUR Beach House!

I can't tell you how much of an enjoyable time we have every time we go to SUR Beach House. We've now been multiple times. It is our go-to place with all of our friends and family when they come to town and we cannot recommend it highly enough. If you are coming to Cabo on vacation, you simply must go to SUR Beach House. It is the ultimate experience for a beach day in Cabo San Lucas, where all your needs are met.

It's completely reasonably priced. At a daily cover price of just $900 pesos a head (which gets applied to your food and drinks bill), it’s worth every penny to spend a day in luxury and comfort -  It will truly make your vacation. It will be the best day that you spend with your family in Cabo.


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