best indoor activities in Cabo for kids

The Best Indoor Activities For Kids In Cabo

The Best Indoor Activities For Kids In Cabo

We all know and love Cabo for its sunny and warm weather and exciting outdoor activities: going to the beach, horse or camel riding, zip lining, lounging by the pool, swimming with dolphins, etc.

Too Much Of A Good Thing?

But sometimes it’s nice to escape the never-ending sunshine and spend some time indoors instead. This is especially true when you have kids because, although being outdoors and getting Vitamin D is great, we all know that too much exposure to the sun can be harmful to children’s delicate skin.  

There’s no need to worry!  There are just as many fun and entertaining indoor activities in Cabo as there are outdoor ones, and I’ve put together a list of some of my favorites!  So, if you’re looking to escape the UV rays for a few hours, here are some great options for you and your family:

Cabo submarine

Cabo Submarine

Also known as the “Yellow Submarine”, the Cabo Submarine is one of the most exciting “indoor” activities for kids here in Cabo.  That’s because you get to be out of the sunlight, but still inside of the ocean!

This activity is perfect for kids that are fascinated by marine life because, in this semi-submersible submarine, you will be face to face with the Sea of Cortez’s spectacular and diverse underwater ecosystem.  

The guided tour is 75 minutes long, and it includes loads of information about the many marine species that exist in our region. Babies 0 to 2 years old go for free, and there’s a special price for children ages 3-10. For more information, visit Cabo Expedition's website.

 The Glass Factory Cabo

The Glass Factory

No doubt a little-known fact that Glass blowing is super popular in the Baja. For that reason, there are many factories in both San José and Cabo San Lucas that are worth a visit.  It’s fascinating to see the talented artisans at work, using recycled glass to create everything from simple and elegant vases to intricate figurines of all shapes, sizes, and colors.  

Seeing their demonstrations and browsing through their vast collections of pieces is a great way to spend an hour or two indoors! If you’re staying in Cabo San Lucas, you can go to The Glass Factory. If you’re in San José del Cabo, Baja Blown Glass Factory in the Centro Histórico is great. And if you’re staying somewhere between the two cities, Blown Glass Factory Azteca in El Tule is the place to go!

If you’d like more information about these factories, you can visit their websites:

The Glass Factory - Cabo San Lucas  

Blown Glass Factory Azteca - San Jose del Cabo (El Tule)

Koral Kids daycare and activity center cabo
Koral Kids

If you have errands to run or an event to go to that your kids may not enjoy, instead of leaving them with a babysitter, try out Koral Kids!  Located at Koral Center in Cerro Colorado, Koral Kids offers indoor entertainment, through a wide variety of activities, for children ages 2-12 in Los Cabos.  

You can leave your kids in the hands of Koral Kid’s highly qualified staff, knowing that they’ll have a great time meeting and playing with other kids, and participating in the games and activities that are organized especially for their enjoyment- all in a clean and safe environment!  

To get into contact with Koral Kids, you can visit their website or call them at 624-122-3840.

 Museum of Natural History Cabo

Museum of Natural History

This museum in Cabo San Lucas is the perfect indoor activity for older children who are curious and enjoy learning about history.  The Museum of Natural History has all kinds of interesting exhibitions about astronomy, geology, and paleontology.

You and your kids can discover the history of Los Cabos and the ethnic groups that once inhabited the area, and also learn about the migration of dolphins and whales, the preservation of sea turtles, and many more interesting subjects.  

Read here for more information.

 Funtastico Cabo soft indoor play center


Funtastico is an indoor arcade/ entertainment center for children of all ages, located inside of Plaza Sendero in Cabo San Lucas.  Your kids will absolutely love this place because there’s an activity for everyone: laser tag, rock climbing, arcade games, a bouncy house, and even an area reserved for kids younger than 6 years old!  

You can visit Funtastico simply to escape the sun, or you can also work with them to organize a special birthday or group event for your children.

Visit their website to learn more!

 movie theater Cabo

Movie Theater

Going to the movies is the ultimate tried-and-true indoor entertainment option, and lucky for us movie-lovers, Cabo has several great quality movie theaters.  My favorite movie theater in Cabo is Cinemex Puerto Paraíso.

This theater is well-kept, the seats are comfy, and it shows movies in both English and Spanish. Some films are also shown in Cinemex’s “Platino” auditoriums, which have reclining chairs and a full menu of food options that you can order from your seat!  

You can check the listing and buy tickets on the Cinemex website here.

 Plenty Of Indoor Activites For Kids In Cabo

There you have it: my go-to indoor activities for kids in Cabo.  I hope you and your family have fun exploring all that Los Cabos has to offer, past its beautiful beaches and sunny outdoor pastimes!

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