Newborn Boppy Lounger

Type: Play

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Babies need loungers on vacation TOO! Check out our Newborn Boppy Loungers and rent one while stocks last! These are quickly becoming our best-rented item!

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  • The perfect place for baby to relax while Mom & Dad need hands free time!
  • Ergonomic angle so baby has the utmost comfort
  • Perfect item to bring pool-side or to the beach
  • Handle for easy lifting while in transit
  • Soft, wipe-able fabric
  • Must-have product for newborns
  • Designed for baby's awake time
  • For babies up to 16 Pounds

When my kids were babies, these Newborn Boppy loungers weren't in existence! It was only when I was hunting for a good gift for my sister-in-law that I stumbled upon them. I actually wrote a blog about her experience and you can read it here. Anyway, if you are on vacation, you aren't going to be 100% sure of your surroundings. I can guarantee you that carpets are not popular in Mexico, so there's just a lot of tiles floors everywhere.

This Newborn Boppy Lounger is the PERFECT solution. You can bring it everywhere with you, and baby will be so comfortable. By the pool, in your room, heck you could probably bring it to a restaurant! It's the bomb! Rent a Newborn Boppy Lounger today for your vacation.