Foam Bumper Rails

Type: Sleep

rent baby gear Cabo

I'm going to let you into a Cabo Spoiler - over the years we have offered our service, we have noticed that the mattresses have been getting thicker and thicker! This is an awesome testament to the fact that the resorts and villas are upgrading and investing in their properties - but it SUCKS for metal safety rails!

Our metal safety rails may not fit your vacation bed! So, before you rent either these foam rails or the metal ones - PLEASE check the dimensions of the mattress they will be used on.

  • Our foam rails come with 4 pieces, for complete safety
  • Easy assembly - simply slide each piece under the fitted bed sheet
  • Made of Non-toxic material 

Please do send us an email at if you want to investigate mattress thickness prior to choosing between the metal safety rails or these foam rails. We want your children to be 100% safe in unfamiliar surroundings, so rent some form of safety rails from us! 

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