Large Playpen

Type: Play

Enjoy an enclosed, ample space for playtime with baby. The Tohifer is a larger-than-normal playpen that is perfect for babies in crawl mode, siblings who enjoy playing together in a safe area, or a baby play day for all.

This eco-friendly playpen is the perfect addition to a villa rental as it gives baby a much-needed safe area to play with toys, balls, and much more. 

The playpen comes with a padded mat to prevent any 'Owies' if baby should happen to take a tumble during playtime. Added suction cups are helpful to adhere the playpen to one spot, adding another level of security. 

  • Playpen size: 79x59x26.5in (200x150x68cm)
  • 26.5-inch scientific safety height (playing, standing, and crawling are safer) which is specially designed for babies from 6 months to 6 years old.

Item May Vary From Image Shown/ Does not include installation