Light Stroller

Type: On The Move

rent a stroller in Cabo

So you decided not to bring a stroller on vacation. You had the talk where you thought that you didn't want to schlep a bunch of stuff with you. You figured that you could just carry baby everywhere. Good idea? Not so much, right? Renting an umbrella stroller may be on the top of your priority list upon arrival in Mexico once you realize how hot and constantly sunny it is!

Item May Vary From Image Shown

  • Can hold up to 37lbs in weight
  • Adjustable recliner for your child’s comfort
  • 5 point padded harness
  • 1 hand fold
  • Weighs less than 11 lbs

A Pack'n'play, custom toy box and umbrella stroller is a fabulous combo for a Mexico trip with baby. Check out our other offerings to see how you can ensure that baby has a blast in Mexico!