Pea Pod Cot

Type: Sleep

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Weighing in at just 2.5lbs in weight, the PeaPod is a miraculous item of baby gear! Oftentimes, we have parents who are going to rent a car from the airport and head off the beaten track. In cases like these, we meet them at the airport, hand them over the Pea Pod that they rented and off they go. This versatile piece of baby gear gives baby a place to chill, play and sleep.

Item May Vary From Image Shown

  • Pea Pod folds down into a small circular bag with handles for easy transport.
  • UV Protection and Anchor Straps allow for outdoor use.
  • Comfortable sleeping pad is attached ensure baby sleeps well.
  • Storage bag included

Ya know, our Pea Pod Cots are so easy to carry that you can simply sling the handles over an umbrella stroller and away you go! Now you have a beach tent for baby that you can produce for any eventuality!