Front-To-Back Swing

Type: Sleep
rent a cot Cabo
No matter how much we tried, our son was a die-hard fan of this swing as a newborn. He loved the front-to-back motion. It never failed to lull him to sleep for some really long naps! I suppose that's why this is still on our inventory list. You can rent a swing for your Cabo vacation right here! 
Item May Vary From Image Shown
  • Holds between 5.5 lbs – 30 lbs in weight
  • Visually stimulating mobile
  • Melodies/nature sounds
  • Curved seat to mimic mom’s cradling
  • We currently have mamaroos, Fisher Price Hug-a-bunny and Graco swings available

For those of us who are a little more tech-savvy - visit our Mamaroo and Fisher-Price Snugapuppy product pages - we have numerous versions of swings that are available for rent. Take you pick and breathe a sigh of relief when you walk into your hotel and see a baby swing just waiting to be used!