San Jose del Cabo Organic Market Season Is Here!

San Jose del Cabo Organic Market Season Is Here!

San Jose del Cabo Organic Market Season Is Here!

No matter where you live in Los Cabos, a Winter/Spring season wouldn't be complete without a trip to the San Jose del Cabo Organic Market. Now in its 6th season, the organic market is a firm favorite amongst locals for a host of reasons.

If you're planning a visit to the 'Mercado Organico' and you're not a local - never fear - everyone is welcome! In fact, I highly recommend that Baja Baby Gear clients take their babies to the market. It's a wonderful way to spend an hour or two!

fresh produce at the San Jose del Cabo Organic Market

Here's the lowdown on what a trip to the Organic Market in San Jose del Cabo looks like.

Opening Hours & Season

The first day of the 2019-20 season for the San Jose del Cabo Organic Market is November 2, 2019. The vendors start selling at 9 am until 3 pm. The season closes in May 2020, to resume again that same November.

musical instrument and jewelry at the San Jose del Cabo Organic Market


The San Jose del Cabo Organic Market is located in San Jose del Cabo, just to the side of downtown San Jose del Cabo. You could walk there or bike there, but the dirt road that takes you there can get a little dusty if you don't have any car walls or windows protecting you. There's a large car park you can park a rental car on upon arrival. I believe the car park attendants appreciate a tip when you're leaving. 

San Jose del Cabo Organic Market Map


The good news is there are portaloos at the Organic Market! For a small fee (around 5 pesos), you can use the facilities which are located in the car park of the Organic Market. You'll be provided with loo roll by an attendant who will be waiting close by.

handmade Mexican dolls on display at the San Jose del Cabo Organic Market

The Do's & Don'ts of the Market

* Do wear SPF! There's not a lot of shade at the Market.

* No dogs, please! 

* No booze or plastics!

* Bring your trash with you or put your trash in the receptacles provided by the pop-up restaurants. 

Mexican dancers at the San Jose del Cabo Organic Market

Layout & Plan

If you're bringing your kids, you'll want to spend 1-2 hours there depending on their age. You can do a solid lap of the market in about 30 minutes assuming you're simply pausing at the stalls that are of interest to you. 

Remember to bring bags with you as well as Mexican Pesos (with plenty of small notes and coins!)

There are 3 sections - the restaurants & eateries, retail, and the produce area. We like to start at the eatery area and go straight to our favorite quesadilla spot to order a delicious breakfast of deep-fried quesadillas. YUMMM!

stalls at the San Jose del Cabo Organic Market

Our Ideal Tour 

As previously mentioned, we like to start with quesadillas. We get to the market as early as we can to beat the heat and the crowds. 

If our kids don't want to wait while we eat, we normally bring them over to the painting section, where a lovely lady will set them up with paintbrushes, smocks and a clay animal to paint. There's also a kid-sized trampoline next to the art area, which means the kids are happily occupied while you can enjoy your breakfast and keep an eye on them. 

Once breakfast has been had, off we go to the delicatessen and pick out some bread or muffins that we plan on devouring over the week. Hubby normally makes a beeline for the amazing local coffee that's available also.

Then we'll browse the retail section.

catch a yoga class at the San Jose del Cabo Organic Market


You can find jewelry, sculptures, art, clothes, souvenirs, Huichol, leather items, purses, accessories and a whole host of other items when you're there. Also available are delicious dried herbs, organic locally made soaps and candles and unique items that you will want to buy! It's amazing what you can find when you aren't looking for anything specific! 

If the kids don't want to tag along with you for the retail ride, they can do other activities - in the form of yoga or music classes. They also offered Zorbing balls last season, which our 8-year-old loved! Most days, there's some lovely live music that you'll get to enjoy while you're browsing. 

painting time for the kids at the San Jose del Cabo Organic Market


And now we start to load up on our organic goodies. Each stall is impressive - with everything from greens, to root vegetables to every season vegetable under the sun. Organic chickens and eggs are also available too. 

You can buy a shot of locally made Kombucha or wheatgrass as you walk - rest assured you will feel wonderful by the time you leave the Organic Market! 

organic tomatoes at the San Jose del Cabo Organic Market

Other Things To Do!

It's commonplace to want to indulge in a massage or a yoga session when they're available or simply pop a squat under a tree and drink in a little Cabo sunshine and ambiance.

We've lived in Cabo for 10 years now and the San Jose del Cabo Organic Market has never failed to disappoint our family. You can check out their Facebook page now and start planning your day trip! 

Some photos were taken with permission from the San Jose del Cabo Organic Market's dedicated Facebook Page. Others taken with permission from Martin of Dissonance Photography.


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