Top 5 Tips Every Parent Traveling To Mexico Needs To Know

Top 5 Tips Every Parent Traveling To Mexico Needs To Know

Top 5 Tips Every Parent Traveling To Mexico Needs To Know

After living in Mexico for almost 15 years, birthing and raising my children here, I think I am well-versed enough to share these tips with you. Take it from me - be prepared. The better you prep for your Mexico vacation, the happier you and your children will be.

1. Products are packaged and made differently here.

You can’t get all the same items here that you can in the US, Canada or the rest of the world. For the most part, labels are in Spanish and packaging is different than at home. Large stores like Walmart only recently began bringing in liquid formulas. But don’t assume you are going to find exactly the same brands here - you probably won’t. Even if you do find them, they are more than likely made differently than your formulas at home. 

2. Kids are very welcome here.

Mexican people love children. I mean they LOVE CHILDREN. Be prepared for complete strangers to gaze adoringly at your little ones. Some may even come up and stroke their heads or nuzzle their chins. Mexican people adore all children and you will love the attention and the patience that people have for little ones. It’s probably one of the most endearing things about Mexico and why it is a favorite destination for so many families. 

3. Be prepared to split your time between sun and shade.

Long gone are your vacation days of laying on a sun lounger for 8 hours and reading a book whilst sipping a Pina Colada. When babies are introduced to vacations - you have to adapt to their needs. Your babies may not be prepared for full days in the sun. Their sensitive skins just can’t hack the hot sun like we can. So bring some extra books to read indoors, or download some extras to your Kindle. Plan for daily siestas. And plan for some early nights in your hotel room or villa.

4. You can get some adult time in too.

You will have an opportunity for some adult time, should you want it. Most of the hotels have amazing kids clubs that have all day long activities going on. Also, there are GREAT babysitters here that speak English, that are certified and that will come to you to take care of your babies. Yes - you are going to pay a little more than you would at home - but splurge. It’s your vacation. Make a pledge to go out at least one night when you’re abroad to enjoy some grown-up talk! 

5. Soft Play Centers are few and far between.

Soft play centers are a relatively new concept in Mexico. They are here (albeit only one or two), but typically they won’t look the same or have the same amount of amenities you would find at home. Also, they aren’t going to be found in tourist areas. Chances are you won’t have these available to you for when your babies want some indoor time. So plan to keep your kids busy in your villa or hotel room. 

Jen Reichert is the owner of Baja Baby Gear. She lives in San Jose del Cabo with her husband, 2 children, and 4 chihuahuas!

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