Local Baja - The #1 Resource For Locals & Visitors

Local Baja - The #1 Resource For Locals & Visitors

Local Baja - The #1 Resource For Locals & Visitors

If you're anything like me, when I know I'm heading to a new place for a vacation - I ALWAYS want to know where the local yokels go. I want to know where the best spots are for families, I am curious to find out what people do for fun, food and relaxation! It seemed only natural then, that I would offer to our Baja Baby Gear clients that VERY resource!

I recently had a chat with Wendy Castellanos - a local Mom who has a beautiful website called Local Baja - which is essentially about all things Baja, and mostly about Cabo San Lucas. I asked her to describe to me where her inspiration came to open the site, and what it was all about:

1. What exactly is Local Baja - and what made you come up with the concept?

Local Baja is a community website for locals, soon to be locals, tourists, and everyone in-between. Local Baja has a blog full of information that helps people live their lives in Baja (mostly Cabo San Lucas). We also have a free business directory where people can find businesses and services recommended by locals.
I created Local Baja because when I first moved to Cabo San Lucas, it was really hard to find information. There were so many different Facebook groups with contradicting advice and most of the websites were outdated. Local Baja provides helpful information in one place, no more searching endlessly!

2. Tell us a bit about your family and why you settled here.

I'm from Seattle, WashiLocal Bajangton and my husband, Eli, is from Mexico City. We first vacationed to Cabo in early 2014 and immediately fell in love with the place. When I found out I was pregnant that same year, we decided to move to Cabo San Lucas - it's only a 4-hour flight from Seattle or 2 hours to Mexico City. We welcomed our son Max in December of 2014 and love raising him here. We love to try new restaurants, walk around the marina and recently signed Max up for surf lessons - we are excited to take advantage of all the great things Baja has to

                                                                                                                                3. Do you think Local Baja is useful for people traveling to Cabo San Lucas just for a week or two and why?

Yes, Local Baja is for everyone. While it is geared towards the locals, visitors can take advantage of our directory to check out our favorite businesses (restaurants, activities, etc.) and read our blog to see what life is really like here. Tourists are always asking me about what it is like to live here and Local Baja gives them the inside scoop.

4. What sort of content can people expect to find on there?

People can expect to find everything from dining recommendations to blog posts about maintaining healthy relationships. Real life happens here in Cabo San Luas so Local Baja has content that reflects all of that.

5. Will you have offers or promotions for people coming to the Baja?

Yes, we have a section in our directory called "Paint The Town" and will promote offers on our website and via our newsletter.

6. Being that our company is 100% all about family activities - what does your favorite day in Cabo San Lucas look like?

I love waking up to guaranteed sunshine every day. I love that life is slower in Cabo San Lucas so it's easier to go with the flow and see where the day takes you. As a family, we love to take advantage of day passes at local resorts.
My favorite day includes lounging poolside, watching my son jump into the water, and sipping frozen cocktailswim uphe swimup bar with my husband. After a full day in the sun, we have a silly family tradition of getting Chinese takeout for dinner. Chinese in Cabo...who figured?!

7. Can you share your URL and contact information?

Website: www.localbaja.com

Email: Wendy@localbaja.com

Instagram: LocalBaja

Twitter: LocalBaja

A Big Thanks to Wendy for putting together Local Baja - I personally LOVE reading it - it's been an invaluable resource thus far!Save

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