Breathable Bumper Pads!

61q1izvfegl-_sx522_ Since the day we started Baja Baby Gear, one item that we have always included (FOR FREE!) in our crib rental orders are Breathable Baby Bumper Pads. I know there’s a pretty fierce debate on whether or not to use them, but we have always included them in our rentals as a complimentary item for a few reasons:


  • The name Breathable Baby denotes the safety level of the item - when these bumper pads are installed correctly to a crib, they are iron clad safe - They remain taut to the crib at all times, and just like the company name says - baby can breathe through them should they get up close and personal.
  • Picture the scene - you just brought your baby to a different country, with different surroundings, and a different room to sleep in. Everything about that place is unknown - and quite possibly distracting for when night-night comes along. In our humble opinion, when it’s night-night time in a hotel room or a vacation villa - and you have chosen to have the breathable bumper pads installed on your crib rental for the week, that one-foot tall protection removes some of the additional stimuli that can cause a baby to be weirded out! Why wouldn’t you stack the odds in your favor for a good night’s sleep when you are on vacation? Especially if it’s a free option!!
  • Did we mention that this is a free option?? There is no charge to add bumper pads to your crib order! When you place an order to rent a full-size crib with Baja Baby Gear in Cancun or Cabo - we will contact you to ask you if you want a set of bumper pads included in the order at no additional cost.

Baja Baby Gear Rentals is committed to our clients to ensure you have the best vacation of your life when you bring your little ones on vacation. We are your one stop shop to vacation heaven! Please contact us today if you have any further questions about our crib rentals or the additional items that are included for free with each rental. We have taken the liberty of attaching two Amazon links to this blog post beneath, so you can click through and purchase your set of Breathable Baby bumper pads today

(Please note, Baja Baby Gear receives a small commission should you purchase the bumper pads through our links)  









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