Lux Life Vacations - Where Quality & Affordable Cabo Hotel Travel Meet

Lux Life Vacations - Where Quality & Affordable Cabo Hotel Travel Meet

Lux Life Vacations - Where Quality & Affordable Cabo Hotel Travel Meet

It should come as no surprise to anyone reading this that I love Mexico. In particular, I love Cabo. Since offering Baja Baby Gear rental service in some of the most beautiful resorts in the world, I love the whole idea of luxury vacations in Cabo that much more. Very recently I became friends with a gentleman by the name of Jeremy Meerstra who is the owner of an incredible company called Lux Life Vacations. I'm so excited to share this concept with our clients at Baja Baby Gear.

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Lux Life Vacations

Jeremy and the Lux Life team have managed to have pulled off the impossible. They have created luxury destination travel management, with wholesale pricing AND a complimentary concierge service. Jeremy and I have the same mindset when it comes to our businesses.

We have the winning combination: quality, service, and value. This is the winning lottery ticket for anyone wanting the best Cabo travel experience they can find. And you can simply use their very easy booking method to select your dates, the number of nights that you'll be there, the number of adults, kids, or juniors, which would be infants. Hit the "book today," and then you can see what inventory that they have available.

What Makes Lux Life Vacations Unique

There are three pillars of success that really sets Lux Life apart:

1.  A Price Guarantee

They don't charge a booking fee, so there's an automatic saving for you, the customer. Lux Life has personal relationships with a selective number of local resorts, so they've been able to secure preferred rates for their guests. So if you go out and you can find a rate that's better than what they're offering during the time that you're looking to travel, then hit them up and they will match it.

2. Their Team Is Based In Cabo

Unlike many US-based travel agents that specialize in Cabo San Lucas vacations, Lux Life has a whole team of people that live and work full time in Cabo. They are married and committed to your travel experience. So when you make a reservation with them, it really feels like you're being guided through your trip as if you were hanging out with a local, except it's just you and your kids, or whoever is with you that get to enjoy the experience.

Jeremy personifies this experience that he creates for his clients. He knows the best that Cabo has to offer. His team has done their due diligence in seeking out the most amazing travel experiences possible for you and your family.

3. Personal Vacation Curation

The third component that makes Lux Life a home run, is that you have a personal vacation curator. To get this level of service out of a Cabo vacation, normally you have to be willing the spend some serious coin to get it.

The team at Lux Life excels at personalizing your vacations. They want to ensure that you're getting exactly what you've paid for, that you're going to love your experience and keep on coming back time and time again. Their free concierge system puts together all your excursions, dinner reservations, and sight-seeing. They will take care of all the details, and put it all together into one package.

How cool is it to know that you can come to Cabo and know that you actually have somebody here who is accountable, and who can take care of your every need if you so wish?

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How To Make a Lux Life Booking Today

It's been a pleasure to join forces with Lux Life and create a dedicated Baja Baby Lux Life Cabo booking page, especially for our clients. So if you haven't yet booked your travel, you're still in planning phase, and you're wondering if you can get some comparisons on prices just hit our personalized link down beneath and we will be thrilled to see you get the deal of your dreams.

Baja Baby Gear's Lux Life Link 

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