Cabo Business Center | Shopping & Pleasure At Koral Desk

Cabo Business Center | Shopping & Pleasure At Koral Desk

Cabo Business Center | Shopping & Pleasure At Koral Desk

Koral CenterI try to write about topics that I think tourists would be most interested in reading about, but my working world has recently changed for the better because of a new development in Los Cabos. 6 months ago, I became a member of the Koral Desk, located within the Koral Center. This brand new beautiful building is a Cabo business center like you've never seen before.

Koral Desk

Koral Desk boasts 33 ready-to-rent offices, which are extremely private, white-walled, and air conditioned. A communal area is available to have business meetings, or to work quietly amongst like-minded individuals. You can even rent your own private boardroom for as little as $50 USD a day! The boardroom comes with televisions, plug-in stations, coffee, privacy and most importantly - ergonomic chairs!

This Cabo Business Center comes complete with two receptionists. A phone is installed in your office so they can notify you when you have someone come visit. There's a very highly skilled professional team that manage and take care of all of its renters.

We have 24/7 access along with the ability to have an unlimited supply of coffee, hot beverages, and a fridge. We have a Google-esque common room where you can rent a shared space, or go to socialize with fellow business owners for a few minutes.

Koral Kids

In addition to the business center, Koral Kids is almost ready; a fantastic development for local people who are looking for some high-quality after-school activities for their children.

Koral Kids will be monitored by a team of Montessori trained teachers in a one-story facility and all day, every day, they will have activities that everyone (locals and travelers alike) can attend with their children or by dropping them off. This is a highly secure environment with amazing facilities, easily located with very, very close proximity parking. I'm told Koral Kids opens the mid year 2017. Koral Center

El Merkado Gastronomy Center

In addition to the Koral Business Center and Koral Kids, the Koral Center has a Gastronomy area called El Merkado, which recently opened. You can find everything from Greek gyros to Italian pizzas, barbecue, an oyster bar and designer tacos in El Merkado. It is an amazing dining experience with a beautiful eclectic style and organic produce. They're soon to be opening a florist.

They also have gelato ice cream store, wine store, cheese store. Truly everything is in this little district that you would ever need. They have some beautiful high-end boutiques outside El Merkado. Really, this is the place to come if you're looking to get out of the sun for a few hours and you want your kids to have something to do.

Moduvated Fitness Center

The cherry on the top is a brand new state of the art gymnasium by local fitness celebrity trainer, Modu. The gym runs classes all day long; functional training, boot-camps, fully equipped facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and the staff could not be friendlier or more happy to help you if you need some advice on your workout. They have some rehabilitation physiologists there, also.

This is the place to get fit!

I could literally bring a sleeping bag with me and never leave the Koral Center. My children's school is 10 steps away from the building. I have found my paradise. I recommend that anyone coming to Los Cabos checks it out for themselves and for their children. It's an amazing, amazing development. Bravo Koral Center.


If you would like to find out more information about our first Cabo business center, just visit their Koral Center website right here or the Koral Center Facebook page. I will probably re-visit each part of this blog to go into greater detail about the services, the stores and the businesses that you can find at our new Cabo business center. So stay tuned...


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