Cabo is baby-friendly

Why Cabo is a Baby-Friendly Vacation Destination

Why Cabo is a Baby-Friendly Vacation Destination

The Los Cabos area is very well-known for its appeal to the young Spring Break crowd, but the truth is that this city is great for people of all ages.  That’s why it’s the perfect baby-friendly vacation destination for a family holiday!


Not only do you get to take in the natural beauty of this sunny region: the pristine beaches, striking mountains, and unbeatable weather- but also benefit from the vast amount of baby-friendly activities and services that it has to offer, which make traveling here with youngsters so much more enjoyable.  

Los Cabos - A Diverse Place To Visit 

Los Cabos comprises two cities that are each charming in their own way.   Some families love vacationing in Cabo San Lucas- the place to go if you’re looking for the typical “Cabo” experience and activities: a breathtaking view of El Arco (“Land’s End”), busy and fun-filled beaches such as Playa El Médano, and of course the acclaimed restaurants and nightlife.  

Others prefer the slightly calmer city of San José del Cabo. This city gives off a more “local” feel with its many farm-to-table restaurants, serene beaches, kind locals, and family-friendly activities year-round. Between the two, you’ll never run out of things to do with your young ones on vacation.  

Here are a few of my favorite baby-friendly activities in Los Cabos:

Beach Baby!

Nothing beats a day at the beach!  Playa El Médano (in Cabo San Lucas) is great for lounging at a beach club, such as Sur Beach House, or for enjoying a meal by the sea at one of the beach’s many delicious restaurants.  The Office, for example, has amazing Mexican food, buckets and spades are handed out for your kids to play in the sand while you drink in a gorgeous view of the crystal-blue waters.

Palmilla beach in SanJose del Cabo

In San José del Cabo is one of my other favorite beaches: Playa Palmilla.  This beach is usually a lot less crowded than the latter and is a splendid place to spend the day with your baby. Because of its protected cove, Palmilla has extremely calm waters which are ideal for young swimmers.  

Finding shade is also a big concern of mine when taking my babies to the beach, and the palapas at Palmilla are perfect for protecting their sensitive skin from the strong sunlight.

Delicious Dining For The Whole Family

I’ve mentioned Flora Farms in past blogs, but I can’t stress enough how amazing this farm and restaurant in San José del Cabo is for both babies and adults.  It’s a super baby-friendly environment, with organic and homemade food, lush gardens, and tons of family activities throughout the year.

family at Flora Farms

During the summer, for example, Floras hosts outdoor movie nights every Wednesday featuring children films like The Jungle Book, Matilda, and The Wizard of Oz.  Even for little babies, the atmosphere at the farm is like no other with live music, cute animals around the farm, and overall serene natural surroundings.

You can visit the Flora Farms website for more information, call them at +521 (624) 142 1000 or send an email to to make a dining reservation.

Organic Shopping At It's Best

The organic market in San José del Cabo is another one of my favorite baby-friendly places here in Cabo.  Every Saturday from November to May, the grass park of the organic market fills with prepared food, produce, and craft stands; art exhibitions; and people with calm and positive vibes.  

organic market San Jose del Cabo

There’s always something baby-friendly to do at the market, whether it’s spending the morning strolling around, sitting on the grass while listening to peaceful live music, or tasting yummy and organic food (like homemade popsicles, local fruits and vegetables, freshly made juices, etc.)  You might even find a face painting stand or another baby wanting to play!

Baby-Friendly Fun In Cabo

All in all, Los Cabos is a great place to be a baby!  The locals here have very strong family values which makes them extremely accommodating to the special needs of babies and children on the beach, at restaurants, and pretty much anywhere else you decide to go.  

From my family to yours, we wish you an awesome vacation here in Cabo!

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