best babysitter in Cabo San Lucas

Want The Best Babysitter Cabo San Lucas? Read on...

Want The Best Babysitter Cabo San Lucas? Read on...

Way back in 2011, not long after I opened Baja Baby Gear – I was contacted by the best babysitter in Cabo San Lucas: Baja Babysitting. The owners were just starting out too – and they found me on Google and reached out.

For the past 7 years – Baja Babysitting and Baja Baby Gear have formed a stellar alliance. We have served many of the same clients, and enjoyed long business relationships with some amazing families who keep on coming back for some more Cabo!

Let's Introduce You To The Best Babysitter Cabo San Lucas

It’s been quite a while since I talked about Baja Babysitting – and so I want to remind our clients of the fabulous service that they provide. The owner of Baja Babysitting is Diana Oropeza; if you have been lucky enough to meet her, then you will understand when I say that she lights up a room when she enters it! Diana is reliable, trustworthy, highly competent and (the best part) absolutely adores children. She is 100% committed to the safety and security of your children when they are in her or a member of her team’s care.

“For us in Baja Babysitting being part of family’s vacations is something really meaningful. We care about seeing the smiles in the kids and parents, we care about the safety and the fun. We want the kids to learn something during their vacations and leave a positive impact in every single kid, parent, and family we meet.

I believe Baja Babysitting is like no other company, we do everything with our heart and soul. Every single person in our team is unique and special. Thanks to them, Baja Babysitting is the number one childcare company in Los Cabos.” Diana Oropeza

 Standard Procedures At Baja Babysitting

46-5-team-bajababysitting-ballonsAll sitters who work for Baja Babysitting undergo a screening process, with the prerequisite that they are first aid & CPR certified. When you make a reservation with Baja Babysitting, there is a 4-hour minimum required – and on the first visit – your sitter will show up a little early so you can get to know her and tell her any specifics she needs to be aware of!

For as little as $22 USD an hour and up for 1-2 children, this service is truly a must-do for any hard-working parent that is coming to Los Cabos. Baja Babysitting also provides parents with a local cell phone that they can take with them when they go out, so they can check in with the little ones while they are gone.

Their rates adjust according to the number of children in their care and the number of hours they are needed.







To contact Baja Babysitting with inquiries or to make a reservation, you can visit their website: or use the following methods of communication:


Local Phone: (624) 157-7016

Toll-Free: 01-800-443-1744



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